King99 Mesh Safety Cover

King Mesh Tan

The PoolTux King99 Mesh Safety Cover is the most elegant attire for your pool. But it's not just good looking; it's the highest performing mesh cover we make. This light and tight commercial quality woven material offers many of the benefits of a solid cover, with the handling ease of a mesh cover. The PoolTux King99 Mesh Safety Cover allows rainwater and melted snow to flow through for optimum drainage and safety, but keeps debris out. And, it screens out almost 100% of the sun's ultra-violet rays, which means you'll spend less time cleaning your pool in the spring.

King Mesh Tan Close Up
King99 Green Mesh King99 Tan Mesh King99 Blue Mesh

King99 Mesh Safety Cover

Available in Green, Tan and Blue
(Custom and special order covers are available in green, blue and tan)