Safety Covers

We are proud to introduce the PoolTux line of safety covers. These quality covers are made in the USA and expertly designed by the largest manufacturer of swimming pool components and pool accessories in North America. The line includes the following products:

Commercial Mesh NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!

Stock Colors Special Order Colors Warranty
Commercial Mesh Black Black 30 Yrs - 5 Full
King99 Mesh Green, Blue, Tan Green, Blue, Tan, Grey 20 Yrs - 5 Full
Royal Mesh Green, Blue Green, Blue, Black 15 Yrs - 3 Full
Emperor Solid Green, Blue Green, Blue 20 Yrs - 5 Full
King Light Weight Solid Green, Blue Green, Blue 20 Yrs - 3 Full

Winter Covers

Our Winter Cover lineup includes:

Stock Colors Warranty
Ultra Premium Cover Brown/Black 25 Yrs - 3 Full
Emperor Cover Tan/Black 20 Yrs - 3 Full
King Skirted Cover Silver/Black 15 Yrs - 3 Full
King Cover Silver/Black 15 Yrs - 3 Full
Royal Cover Blue/Black 10 Yrs - 1 Full
Royal Cover Green/Black 10 Yrs - 1 Full
Mesh Cover Green/Black 8 Yrs - 1 Full
Leaf Guard Black 1 Yrs - 1 Full